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Moon-related business in astrology

Moon-related business in astrology:- Each planet has its own specialty if seen from the point of view of business,

then it depends on the position of the moon planet in the horoscope, its strength,

with which planet it makes relation, etc.

There are businesses related to the moon such as clothing, marine goods, entertainment, land-related

things, agriculture, government-related work, hotel business, pearls, shells, milk industry, fish industry, etc.

If Moon is situated in the tenth house in Taurus, then it gives business of import and export.

Moon is a water element, if the lord of the fourth house and the lord of the eighth and twelfth house have

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a relationship with each other, then that person can do business by doing waterworks like fish industry,

working in the navy, chemical work, making syrup, etc. can.

Moon is a female planet, if it is related to other female planets like Venus, Mercury, etc., then a person can become

an actor, artist, etc. If there is a relation between Moon and Mercury,

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then the person can do business like a writer, editor, advertising work, cloth merchant, etc.

If the Moon conjuncts or sees Saturn, then the sum of business abroad is formed. If there is a relation between Moon and Mars, then the person works as a reporter, chemical, soap, plastic, etc.

Chandra and Jupiter together give business of historical writer, politics, advertisement, bookseller, Saturn, and

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Moon give business of astrology, teacher, owner of factories, mine work, etc.

In this way, the business is determined according to the relationship and position of the planets in the horoscope.

Astrologer Prateek Kapoor can guide you with a Moon chart and give you directions for starting a business!

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