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Best astrologer in Borivali | Garbh Sanskar

Best astrologer in Borivali - Know when to conceive according to the stars?
It is said that the house in which children's screams do not resonate, that house seems deserted. In order to maintain a happy atmosphere in the house, the newly married couple plans to have a child. It is mentioned in the Garbh Upanishad that on which day is it auspicious to conceive for the birth of a child and on which day it is not auspicious to conceive.
Best astrologer in Borivali - Let us give detailed information to all of you on this topic in our article today.
According to Garbh Sanskar, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday these four are considered auspicious to conceive. In these three days, Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday, husband and wife should not have physical relations to conceive. Because the planets Sun, Mars and Saturn are considered as sin planets in astrology. Children born during pregnancy on these days are not considered auspicious.

Best astrologer in Borivali - Auspicious planet in moon astrology


Moon is the owner of the day of Monday. Moon is considered an auspicious planet in astrology. Everything related to the mind and emotions is ruled by the Moon. Monday is the day of Lord Shiva. It is very auspicious to conceive on this day, because this child is mentally strong, calm and talented.


In astrology, Mars is called a malefic planet. Mars is a planet with the element of fire. It has the form of a fire of anger, in which everything is burnt to ashes. The child born on this day is angry, arrogant, does not listen to anyone, is violent in nature. Therefore, one should not conceive on Tuesday.


The planet Mercury is considered auspicious in astrology. Mercury has the greatest effect on Megha Shakti. If a child has good intellectual ability, then all the people are affected by it. But if the child is mentally impaired, then people do not give him that much care. If you want your children to be intellectual and talented, then on Wednesday, get pregnant by having a physical relationship with your wife.


Thursday comes under the category of auspicious days. Guru teaches everyone, gives knowledge, helps people, is full of feelings, serves parents and his guru, respects the feelings of others, etc. If you want all these qualities to be present in your child, then conceive on Thursday.


Venus is the planet giving material wealth, which comes in the category of auspiciousness in astrology. It is considered very good to conceive on a Friday. Because the children born on this day by conceiving earn their name in the world, the film world attains a very high position in the fields of singing, theatrical arts etc. Such children are dear to women and they are the ones who take the family along.


One should not conceive even after forgetting the day of Saturday. This planet is considered a malefic planet in astrology. On this day, the children born of conceiving are sick, have negative thinking, there are obstacles in their every work, education, job, girl child, marriage, children or other material happiness, everything is late, anything does not get on time.


The Sun is the storehouse of real energy and the life of all living beings on earth is possible only from the Sun. Without sun there is no existence. Praying for a suitable child is considered auspicious on Sundays. But it is not auspicious to conceive on a Sunday. In astrology, the Sun is placed in the category of a malefic planet. The children born of conceiving on Sunday are jealous, angry, quarrelsome. Every moment there is heat in her nature, due to which she is stubborn. Therefore, on Sunday, the husband and wife should neither make physical relations nor try to conceive.
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