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Profession related to venus

Profession related to venus:-If there is a desire to do business, then only good deeds and

luck will find their way towards it.

If Venus is exalted in your horoscope and at the same time you have a desire to do business,

then I will tell you which business will be for you. Also, I will suggest you some remedies,

which will thankfully increase your favor and income.

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Incase Venus is auspicious in the birth chart, then it increases the happiness of a person, gives it. When Venus is exalted, the person is long-lived, healthy, happy, soft and sweet-spoken, learned, and skilled in royal work. The person is a confectioner, popular, jeweler, poet, long-lived, courageous, and fortunate.

According to Indian Vedic astrology, 

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Venus is a symbol of attraction and love. Better results are obtained by getting better planetary positions in your horoscope. On the other hand, inauspicious results are also obtained in case the planetary position is inauspicious. Strong planetary positions become the birthplace of healthy, beautiful attractiveness, while weak planetary

positions become a symbol of grief and sorrow. The main factor in the art of attracting people is the planet, Venus.

Profession related to venus continues..............

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Venus is mainly the cause of worldly pleasures like a female planet, libido, beauty, attractiveness, wealth, business, etc. The planet Venus is considered to be the karaka of songs, music, the happiness of planetary life, jewelry, dance,

white and silk clothes, perfumery and beauty items, silver, diamond, stock, cinema, entertainment, etc.

If Venus is inauspicious in your birthplace, then the chances of financial troubles, lack of female happiness,

gonorrhea, leprosy, diabetes, bladder-related diseases, uterine diseases, and secret diseases increase and

there is a decrease in worldly pleasures.

Now let us know what is the business of Venus. And if you feel like doing those business and further the

examples given by me are set in your horoscope then you can do business related to Venus.

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Business of Venus:-

If any planet has got the highest number of trades, then it is Venus. The work of the film industry such as the

business of film making or any work related to it, acting or running a bucketing school, story writing,

choreography, dancer, singing, painter, becoming a poet or writing poetry, doing cultural activities, any type

Business Of Luxury Products, Food And Beverages, Hotel-Motel, Fashion, Salon, Health Spa, Decoration, And

Specialty Interior Decorator, Readymade Garments, Jewellery, Wedding Room Business, Marriage Planner,

Leaker Business, Perfume, Sculpture, White Any colorwork, DJ, event and catering business, fitness or gym work.

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