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Saturn-related business in astrology

Saturn-related business in astrology:-If you want to know about the auspicious and inauspicious position of Shani

in your horoscope or your loved ones, then watch this episode of mine today. In which I will tell you when and

how Shani gives auspicious or inauspicious results and at the end of this episode, I will tell you some such

measures which will strengthen your business by strengthening Shani.

 If the position of Saturn in your horoscope is auspicious, then the person progresses in every field. There was no trouble in his life. Such a person is fair and has a lot of respect and respect in society.

On the other hand, due to the inauspicious effect of Saturn, the house or part of the house falls or gets

damaged, otherwise, the house gets sold due to debt or quarrel. A sudden fire can happen.

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Wealth and property are destroyed in any way.

Now let us know what is the business of Shani. And if you feel like doing those businesses and further the

examples given by me sit in your horoscope then you can do business related to Saturn.

The first and best work in the business of Saturn is iron and later any metal other than gold and silver, civil work

for private or government, ie construction, whether it is to build house-office-factory or road-bij

Why not to make, building material, becoming a lawyer or law firm work, job contract work, job work,

manufacturing, taking labor contracts, cement, mining work, coal, archaeology, becoming a researcher,

intelligence department, detective Opening Agency, Becoming Colonizer, Packing Material, Wood &

Furniture Business, Petrol-Oil Business, Gas Station, Acid-Chemical, Ammunition, Any kind of commission

work, Brokerage, Any work related to the crematorium, Old To open an EDGE or a correctional home,

to become a scientist is to teach a foreign language.

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