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Shani daan on saturday

Shani daan on saturday || Why Is Shani pleased by offering mustard oil? In Indian astrology, the planet Shani is of great importance. According to astrology, when Shani's evil eye falls on a person, then there is a lot of turmoil in his life. It

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is even said about Shani that if Saturn If Dhaiyya or Sade Sati goes on then a person is completely broken

physically and mentally and he is humiliated everywhere. 

Now the question is whether offering mustard oil to Shani will make him happy or is there some scientific approach

to it? A lot of misconceptions have been spread in our ethos, but from the astrological point of view or scientific

basis, there is helium gas on the planet Saturn, which is associated with the Vata nature of the creature. 

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What is Vata also has to be understood. Vata means air is not only concerned with the body but also with material pleasures. When the Vata nature of man deteriorates, then man will not be stable on his thoughts nor will he

be successful in conveying his point from one place to another. 

There is a Shani temple and it is not known how many hundred liters of oil goes up every day, but still

poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, disease have not reduced in India. Now the question is what is the solution? In two words, the solution is to cure Vata i.e. air. 

Sapphire gemstone is useful but it depends on which place Shani is in the horoscope of the person i.e. in which house. When Shani is related to the air element, there is a lot of mention in yoga philosophy and in Ayurveda to cure it, which a person can adopt and get rid of the problems coming from Shani in life. Therefore there is no need to be afraid of Shani, but there is a need to understand Shani.

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