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Top vedic astrologers in the world vakri

Top vedic astrologers in the world - Retrograde/vakri Mercury can reach the pinnacle of success

There is often a belief among common people that retrograde planets always give troubles and they cause harm. Such things are done by those people who do not have knowledge of Vedic astrology or believe only in what they have heard.
The reality is that retrograde planets do not always cause harm, but they are also helpful in taking man to the summit. This is due to the position of the planets in the auspicious house.

Today we talk about retrograde Mercury by top vedic astrologers in the world...

The retrograde of the planet Mercury, the factor of knowledge, prudence, intelligence, wealth-knowledge, prudence, intelligence, wealth and wealth, can provide many types of powers. Due to retrograde Mercury, a person gets knowledge like the sixth sense. He is endowed with the ability to see beyond time and is interested in mystical sciences. People who have retrograde Mercury at the time of their birth are adept at understanding the language of signs and insights.
They are more aware of objects, places and events – although sometimes they are not very aware of objects, places and events, they have a strong imagination and creative instincts. Their mind is fertile and they come in the category of intelligent intellectuals. Those with retrograde Mercury in their birth chart become successful predictors and astrologers. Many times they have foreseen such events which no one can even imagine.
If the retrograde Mercury is in the first house, then the person works at a fast pace in every field, but sometimes this intensity and haste becomes harmful for them. They take decisions without thinking and then incur losses. A person with retrograde Mercury in the second house earns a lot of money from his intelligence. Their voice is pure.
If the aspect of second retrograde Mercury is on the eighth house, then the person becomes very philosophical and spiritual. Such a person earns a lot of name in mystical disciplines. If there is retrograde Mercury in the third house, then the person is courageous, but he has to work hard to do any work. They keep having disputes with their neighbors.
Live a princely life - Persons with retrograde Mercury in the fourth house lead a princely life. Many servants are engaged in their service. A person with fifth retrograde Mercury has more daughters, but due to these girls, they become wealthy and respectable. Retrograte Mercury is sitting in the sixth house, then the person becomes pessimistic and irritable.
Incase retrograde in the seventh, then it gets a very beautiful life partner. Incase Mercury is hostile, then a person always loses to his wife in sex. The same result is in relation to the female native. A person with retrograde Mercury in the eighth house has a long life. They earn fame in the country and abroad through their hard work. They get sudden money from lottery.
Rich in politician and extraordinary personality - Mercury retrograde in the ninth house becomes a
successful doctor, doctor, scientist, proficient in the scriptures. The person with tenth retrograde Mercury gets ancestral property. He is rich in politician and extraordinary personality. Mercury retrograde in eleventh house makes a person wealthy, long and happy. The retrograde Mercury in the twelfth house is supposed to defeat the enemies. Has a religious tendency.
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