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Arishta bhanga yoga Vedic astrology

Arishta bhanga yoga Vedic astrology:-

1. If night is born in Shukla Paksha and Moon is situated in 6th and 8th house then Sarvarishtnashak Yoga is formed.

2. Arishtnashak yoga occurs if the sign of auspicious planets and Navamsa are in

3. If the lord of the birth sign is situated in places or if the benefic planets are in the center, then Arishtanash occurs.

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4. Arishtanash occurs if all the planets are in signs.

5. If the Moon is situated in its own zodiac, exaltation, and friend's planet, then Sarvarishta destroys.

6. If Jupiter is placed in the tenth house from the Moon, Mercury, Venus in the twelfth, and malefic planets in the twelfth, then Arishtanash occurs.

Arishta bhanga yoga Vedic astrology - 2

7. If the Moon of Cancer and Aries is situated in the center and aspected by auspicious planets, then Sarvarishta destroys.

8. If Cancer, Aries, and Taurus are ascendant and there is Rahu in the ascendant, then there is a disturbance.

9. If all the planets are in places, then Arishtanash occurs.

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10. If the full moon is in the sign of a benefic planet, then Arishta Bhang occurs.

11. If the Moon that has been in the square of a benefic planet is situated in the 6.8th house, then Sarvarishtanash takes place.

12. If Moon and birth-ascendant are seen as benefic planets, then there is a rishtabhanga.

13. If the Moon in the Navamsha of a benefic planet is situated in places and Venus beholds it, then Sarvarishtanash occurs.

Arishta bhanga yoga Vedic astrology - 3

14. If strong benefic planets are situated in places and Sun is in the eleventh house, then Sarvarishtnash takes place.

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15. If the Ascendant is strong and auspicious planets see it, then there is destruction.

16. If Mars, Rahu, and Shani are in 3.6.11 places then they are aristastashak.

17. If Jupiter is in places or is in 9.12 or exalted sign then it is Sarvarishtnashak.

18. If all the planets are situated in signs then they are aristatashak.

19. If all the planets are situated in the signs of friendly planets, then Arishtanash occurs.

20. If all the planets are situated in the class of benefic planets or in the Navamsha of auspicious planets, then they are Arishtashak.

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