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Navamsa Kundli in Astrology

Navamsa Kundli in Astrology || Navamsa Kundali is considered very important in Indian astrology. Navamsa Kundali is considered to be the most important after Lagna Kundali. The Lagna Kundali represents the body and the Navamsa Kundali represents the soul. By doing predictions only from the birth chart, the predictions are generally not correct.

According to Parashara Samhita,

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A person who has the same zodiac sign in his birth chart and Navamsa chart, then his Vargottam Navamsa is healthy, both physically and spiritually. Similarly, other planets also become strong when they are Vargottam and give good results. If a planet is debilitated in the birth chart and exalted in the navamsa chart, it gives auspicious results which shows the importance of the navamsa chart. When the Navagrahas Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn are in the Vargottam in the Navamsa Kundali, the person becomes respectable, well-remembered, enthusiastic, extremely intelligent, religious and knowledgeable, beautiful and healthy and carefree, respectively.

While reading and listening about the horoscope, you must have heard the mention of Navamsa Kundli many times. Then the question would come in the mind that what is this Navamsa Kundli after all? Many curious readers and many friends who are interested in astrology have requested many times that you should say something on Navamsa Kundli also.

What is it? How is it made etc.

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Generally you all know that the ninth house in the horoscope is called the house of luck. That is, your luck is the ninth house. Similarly, the fate of fate is also seen, for which Navamsa Kundli is required. The aware astrologer must have put a peek at the Navamsa before making any statement related to the horoscope. Without studying the Navamsa, there are more chances of error in prediction.

The strength of the planet and the possibilities of its outcome are known only from the Navamsa. If a strong planet in the Lagna Kundli becomes weak in the Navamsa Kundli, then there is doubt about the benefits given by it. Similarly, if the planet which is weak in the ascendant horoscope is getting strong in the Navamsa, then in future, one can remain careless from that side, because it covers itself to a great extent.

Therefore, Navamsa becomes necessary in prediction. Navamsa Kundli (D-9) ** All classes are important in Shodash Varga but Navamsa Kundli has special importance after Lagna Kundli. Navamsa is the ninth house of a zodiac which is part 20. It is of art. No Navamsa is like this, in Aries the first Navamsa is of Aries, second Navamsa is of Taurus, third Navamsa is of Gemini, fourth Navamsa is of Cancer, fifth Navamsa is of Leo, sixth of Virgo, seventh of Libra, eighth of Scorpio Ka and the ninth Navamsa belong to Sagittarius.

In the ninth Navamsa, Aries ends and Taurus begins.

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The first Navamsha in Taurus is ahead of the last Navamsa of Aries. Similarly, in Taurus, the first Navamsha of Capricorn, the second of Aquarius, the third of Pisces, the fourth The fifth belongs to Aries, the fifth belongs to Taurus, the sixth belongs to Gemini, the seventh belongs to Cancer, the eighth belongs to Leo and the ninth Navamsa belongs to Virgo. Similarly, the Navamsa of the next zodiac signs are known.

Married life is mainly considered from Navamsa Kundli. Apart from this, Navamsa Kundli is also tested along with Lagna Kundli. There may be errors or the result statement may also be wrong. Because what is the position of the planets in the Navamsa Kundli?

Apart from this, other class horoscopes also have their own special importance. But Navamsa is the most important class in these classes.

Apart from this, other class horoscopes also have their own special importance. But Navamsa is the most important class in these classes.

Ascendant and Navamsa Horoscope Test

(1) If the Lagna and Navamsa Lagna are Vargottam, then such a person is mentally and physically strong. Vargottam Lagna means. Lagna of both Lagna and Navamsa Kundli should be the same i.e. the same Rasi Navamsa which is in the Ascendant of the Lagna Kundli. If it is in the Ascendant of the horoscope, then this position is called Vargottam Lagna.

(2) Similarly, when a planet is in the same sign in the Ascendant Kundli and the Navamsa Kundli, then that planet is Vargottam, the Vargottam planet is very auspicious and strong. Just like the Sun is in Sagittarius in the Lagna Kundli and also in the Navamsa Kundli, Sagittarius Rashi. Sun will be Vargottam. Being Vargottam, the Sun will give very auspicious results in such a situation. If Vargottam planet is sitting in its favorable house according to the position of the lord, it gives better results.

(3) Vargottam planet in benefic signs easily gives auspicious results and in cruel signs, Vargottam planet can also cause some conflict.

Navamsa Kundli in Astrology continues............

(4) When a planet is in an inauspicious position in the Ascendant Kundali, it is afflicted, weak or otherwise in bad condition, but in the Navamsa Kundli, that planet is under the influence of auspicious planets, becomes auspicious and strong, then that planet gives auspicious results. It does not give inauspicious results. Similarly, when a planet is in its debilitated sign in the Ascendant Kundli and the planet is in its exalted sign in the Navamsa Kundli, it gets strength, due to which it is capable of giving auspicious results. That position of the planet is also called Neechabhanga.

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(5) The nature of the person is studied from the Moon and Moon signs. If more Navamsa is strong in the horoscope, then the nature of the person will be according to the Navamsa Kundli. In such a situation, the effect of the Moon position of the Navamsa Kundli will be more on the mind of the person.

(6) If the Ascendant of the Navamsa Kundli, the Ascendant is strong and Raja Yoga is being formed in the Navamsa Kundli and the planets are strong, then the person gets Raja Yoga.

Navamsa Kundli in Astrology continues............

(7) Navamsa Kundli is mainly seen for marriage and married life if the condition of marriage or marital life is not right in the Lagna Kundli i.e. Yoga is not there but the condition of marriage and marital life in Navamsa Kundli is auspicious and favorable, marriage If there is a yoga, then the happiness of married life is attained.

How is the Navamsa Kundli formed and how are the planets placed in the Navamsa. We know that a Rashi or a house has an extension of 30 degrees. Hence Navamsa of a zodiac i.e. the ninth part of 30 i.e. 3.2 degree. Thus there are nine navamshas in a zodiac.

Now divide 30 degree into nine parts

First Navamsa from 00 to 3.20

Second Navamsa 3. 20 to 6.40

Third Navamsa 6. 40 to 10. 00

Fourth Navamsa 10 to 13. 20

Fifth Navamsa from 13.20 to 16. 40

Sixth Navamsa 40 to 20. 00

Seventh Navamsa 20. 00 to 23. 20

Eighth Navamsa 23. 20 to 26. 40

New Navamsa 26. 40 to 30. 00

Aries-Leo-Sagittarius (Fire sign) begins with Aries.

Navamsa Kundli in Astrology continues...............

Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn (Earth zodiac sign) begins with Capricorn.

Gemini-Libra-Aquarius (air sign) begins with Libra.

Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces (Water element) starts from Cancer.

Aries-Leo-Sagittarius (Fire sign) begins with Aries.

Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn (Earth zodiac sign) begins with Capricorn.

Gemini-Libra-Aquarius (air sign) begins with Libra.

Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces (Water element) starts from Cancer..

Navamsa Kundli in Astrology continues............

             In this way you have seen that the Navamsa of the zodiac is starting from the zodiac of its own element nature. Now in order to clarify the Navamsa zodiac, it is necessary first of all to be clear about the Ascendant and other planets. For example, suppose the ascendant in a horoscope is 7:03:15:14, i.e. the ascendant crossing the seventh sign was three degrees, fifteen kala and fourteen vikala (ie Scorpio was the lagna), now we know that Scorpio is a water element. Whose Navamsa starts with the other water element Cancer. 03:15:14 means by looking at the above Navamsa chart, it is known that till 03:20 the first Navamsa is considered.

Navamsa Kundli in Astrology continues...............

Now on counting one ahead of Cancer (because only the first Navamsa has been received) only Cancer comes, so the ascendant of Navamsa Kundli will be Cancer. Here if the lagna of the lagna kundli was 07 : 18 : 12 : 12 then we would have known that 16. 40 to 20. We would have received this degree between 00 as the sixth Navamsa. Therefore, in such a situation, the sixth Navamsa ahead of Cancer would come in Sagittarius, thus the Navamsa of this horoscope would have been made from the Sagittarius Ascendant.

Let's understand with another example.......

Suppose the birth of a horoscope is 11:15:12 in the Ascendant Leo (i.e. the lagna is clearly 04:11:15:12). In such a situation, we know from the chart that The value of 11 : 15 :12 gives us 10.00 to 13. Received in the fourth Navamsa of 20. That is, it is the fourth Navamsa of the Ascendant. Now we know that the Navamsa of Leo starts from Aries. Fourth Navamsa means fourth from Aries, then Cancer is fourth from Aries, thus the Navamsa Kundli of this ascendant horoscope is formed from Cancer ascendant. Similarly other ascendants can be calculated.

Navamsa Kundli in Astrology continues...............

Similarly, planets are also given place in Navamsa Kundli. Suppose in a horoscope the Sun is in Libra at 26:13:07 (ie the Sun is clearly 06:26:13:07). By looking at the chart, it is known that 26:13:07 is the eighth Navamsa which is 23. 20 to 26. Coming under the mid 40's is expanding. Thus, ahead of Tula (since the Sun is in Libra and we know that the Navamsa of Tula begins from Tula itself) eight counts have to be made. Taurus is the eighth sign from Libra, thus in the Navamsa horoscope of this horoscope, the Sun will be written on Taurus. Similarly, other planets should also be established in Navamsa by calculating.

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