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Best astrologer in India online consultation on Remedies to wake up the sleeping house of Kundli:-

There are twelve houses i.e. twelve houses and nine planets in the birth chart. In such a situation, there is always some house in the horoscope of every person, in which there are no planets.As per the Lal Kitab, such a house is called a sleeping house or a dormant house and a house which is not visible to any planet is also considered a dormant house.
In such a situation, there will always be a shortage of money in the life of the person. In such a situation it is necessary to awaken the dormant house.
Many remedies have been given in Lal Kitab to wake up the sleeping house. Let us know which measures are taken to wake up the house.
Wearing coral also awakens the first house
Those people whose first house is sleeping in their horoscope, they should do the remedy of Mars to awaken this house. For this, observe a fast on Tuesday. Offer gram flour laddus to Hanumanji on Tuesday and distribute that prasad.
Mercury is used to awaken the third house
The remedy for Mercury is done to awaken the third house. Durga Saptashati should be recited for Mercury. Cow to be fed with green grass.
To awaken the fifth house, it is beneficial to do the remedy of the sun. For this, regular recitation of Aditya Hridaya Stotra and giving flour and jaggery to red-brown ants on Sundays gives the blessings of the Sun.
Rahu Remedy by best astrologer in india online consultation:-
Rahu's remedy should be done to awaken the sixth house. When the eighth month starts from the birthday, offer almonds in the temple for five months, bring back as much almonds as you offer in the temple.

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